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Claims against New York City

Claims Against The City Of New York

Many personal injuries occur on public property or involve public servants and government employees. Filing a municipal tort claim against the City of New York is not a typical personal injury case. You need a lawyer. The attorney you choose must understand the special and confusing statutory rules and deadlines that apply to these cases, or it could affect the amount of money you receive.

The O'Connor Law Firm has the experience you need to be confident that your claim is being handled properly. My over 20-year legal career began as a defense attorney for the City of New York. This experience is invaluable, in terms of both understanding the unique laws involved and the way in which the City will approach the case.

Potential Municipal Tort Claims

Municipal tort liability covers a wide range of potential accidents and injuries. Listed below are only a few of the cases I handle.

  • Police assaults or other misconduct
  • Dangerous conditions at public parks
  • Metropolitan Transit Authority cases such as subway or bus accidents
  • Child injuries at schools, including negligent supervision of students
  • Uneven or poorly maintained sidewalks
  • Insufficient warning signals at pedestrian crossings
  • Negligent operation of city-owned or operated vehicles
  • Defective roadway designs and improper maintenance

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