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Police Misconduct

Experience Matters In Cases Involving Police Misconduct

The New York City Police Department is tasked to protect and serve people from the Bronx to Staten Island. Officers are required to uphold the law as they enforce it. This does not always happen. Even when situations involving police misconduct seem obvious, these cases are often very hard to prove. You need an attorney with experience litigating municipal torts.

It can be extremely difficult to trust anyone when you feel like your civil rights have been violated. I am always direct and honest, and never make promises I cannot keep.

With The O'Connor Law Firm, you can be confident that you have a strong and capable attorney standing up for your rights. In 1997, I began my career as a defense lawyer for the City, and I have also litigated many additional cases in private practice. I know the law and the process. I also know how attorneys who work for the City prepare their defense against municipal tort claims.

Trust Your Instincts When You Feel Like Your Rights Have Been Violated

It is not always easy to know when an officer has crossed the line or when you might have a valid claim against the City of New York. Listed below are some situations that could give rise to a claim.

  • Excessive force: Officers may use force that is reasonable based on the circumstances. Unreasonable force could include putting you in a chokehold, putting handcuffs on too tight, using chemical sprays or hitting you with a baton.
  • Unnecessary use of deadly force: Using deadly force is only allowed when the officer fears for his own life. All police shootings must be scrutinized.
  • Unlawful search and seizure: Officers need probable cause or your permission to search your person and property. Did an officer frisk you without your consent or a search warrant?
  • False arrest: Did an officer plant or lie about evidence to make an arrest? Were charges filed against you without cause?
  • Malicious prosecution: Were you charged with a crime after filing a complaint against an officer or asking for his or her badge number? Were you singled out based on race, religion or another protected class?

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