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Subway and Bus Accidents

Injured In A Subway Or Bus Accident?

The public transportation system is an integral part of life in New York City. Millions of people working, living or vacationing rely on the subways and buses to get from place to place. The New York City Transit Authority operates this massive network and has a duty to keep every passenger reasonably safe from harm. You can hold the Transit Authority liable when it fails in this duty.

Lawsuits filed against the Transit Authority are not typical personal injury cases. Since 1997, I have successfully litigated many municipal tort cases against the Transit Authority as both a defense and plaintiff's attorney. This dual experience in such a particular area of the law is something very few of the many lawyers in the City have.

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Subway And Bus Accidents Encompass More Than Vehicle Collisions

You can suffer injuries due to negligence at subway and bus stations and while riding on trains or busses. You can recover compensation for situations involving:

  • Sudden acceleration or stops
  • Doors that close without warning
  • Injuries from turnstiles
  • Operator or driver negligence
  • Maintenance issues
  • Debris on platforms
  • Slippery or wet flooring
  • Crimes that occur due to negligent security
  • Tripping on a broken staircase
  • Escalator accidents
  • Inadequate warning signs or lighting

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