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Lead Poisoning

The Risk Of Lead Poisoning Outweighs Any Benefits

Lead is a soft metal with properties that make it very beneficial for use in a wide range of products from batteries to pottery. Adding lead to paint is an inexpensive way to make it fast drying, flexible, resistant to mildew and very durable, but equal to its benefits are its health risks.

Lead is an extremely toxic substance. Exposure to lead through ingestion or inhalation can be extremely dangerous to your health, even in small quantities and especially to children. It can cause mental and physical development delays or even death. Due to the seriousness, many local and state laws exist to protect people.

At The O'Connor Law Firm, I accept cases involving recent or long-term exposure. I am not only aware of the numerous local and state laws, I also understand how they intersect and could impact your ability to recover damages and the amount you may be entitled to receive.

CPSC Ban On Lead Paint Was Not Absolute

In 1978, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission banned the use of paint that contained an unsafe level of lead. Manufacturers of children's toys, residential homes and commercial buildings were no longer allowed to use lead paint. This ban did not eliminate all use of lead paint:

  • Property owners fail to remove existing lead paint from older buildings in the Bronx and throughout the five boroughs
  • Manufacturers of children's toys overseas often ignore the law
  • It is used to paint street signs and commercial machinery
  • Car batteries contain dangerous levels of lead, exposing people who work in auto-repair shops to unhealthy levels
  • Paint you buy from a local store could contain small quantities of lead

Were You Diagnosed With Lead Poisoning? You May Be Entitled To Damages.

If you or your child has been exposed to lead paint, you may be entitled to damages. I offer free consultations and never pressure you, because I believe you are entitled to talk to an experienced lawyer and to know if you have a case.

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