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Dangerous conditions at New York City playgrounds

Playgrounds should be a source of endless fun, but for many children they have become a source of serious injury. New York City is the greatest city in the world for a number of reasons, but it is unfortunately also a city with a rising trend of playground injuries. In the last five years, injuries and legal cases have skyrocketed, highlighting a large problem that should not be easily overlooked.

Injured children

The media is full of examples of playground dangers. In Brooklyn, a young girl lost a finger due to a slide in disrepair. Not far from there, another child shattered his left elbow when he fell onto padding that was overdue for replacement. One of the most harrowing tales took place in Central Park when a child tripped on a bouncy bridge that was not constructed in accordance with safety regulations. She hit her head so hard that she now faces life long complications. These tragic and frightening stories of injured children have occurred all too often.

Claims against the City

New York municipalities have paid over $20 million in settlements for playground injuries in the past ten years, according to the New York Daily News. Over the course of this span, claims have risen by 53 percent. The underlying theme behind every case is that the City has the money and authority to take care of these parks; they just are not taking adequate action. While almost half of all states, including New Jersey, have conformed to national playground safety standards, New York is lagging behind. Studies have shown that 79 percent of all emergency-level child injuries are related to falling from climbing equipment, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If New York cannot fix this problem and increase safety, children may continue to suffer injury.

Staten Island playgrounds

How does Staten Island compare? While it is the safest of the New York City boroughs, it still faces much more playground danger than most of the country. In fact, the Old Town Playground on Kramer and Parkinson is considered one of the most dangerous in the City. The top reported problems at Old Town Playground are insufficient safety padding, being stuck in or on equipment, adult injury and risky behavior. Kids often fail to understand the risks they are taking, so if the safety of playground equipment cannot defend against their behavior then it isn't considered safe.

Until the problem is fixed, the best way to protect your children is with extra vigilance. No one wants to see kids getting hurt, so protect yours the best way you can. If your child is injured, seek medical treatment immediately. As scary as it is, many severe and long-lasting injuries come from delayed visits to the doctor. When your child has been treated, it is wise to contact an attorney to protect your child's interests and hold the City accountable for injuries caused by faulty or unsafe playground equipment. Contact The O'Connor Law Firm at 212-566-4868 or 800-724-1053 to schedule your free initial consultation and discuss the next steps for protecting your child.

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