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Construction workers are at risk of being injured on scaffolds

There are many hazards present at construction sites. One of the hazards that has some special considerations is scaffolding. In fact, New York Labor Law section 240 is dedicated to protecting construction workers in the state from injuries associated with scaffolding. This law also covers construction workers who are working on or near other lift devices.

Safety measures, including ensuring the structure is properly constructed and inspected, are required for all scaffolding. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets regulations regarding these points. For example, the scaffolding has to be inspected prior to each work shift. When there are points that need to be addressed that are noticed in the inspection, those points must be corrected prior to using the scaffolding again. That means that the equipment might have to be removed from service.

The Scaffold Law contains a clause about absolute liability that means that the parties named as defendants don't have to have employed the injured person directly. This law makes it possible for workers who are injured to name contractors or property owners as defendants in lawsuits that are seeking compensation because of scaffolding issues.

Some court rulings have suggested that claims that are based on this law aren't able to be defeated because the worker's negligence contributed to the cause of the injury. Those rulings have caused opponents of the law to state the it is harming the construction industry. Still, the protection for workers that is provided by this law is valuable.

If you were injured in a scaffold incident, you should explore your options for seeking compensation. You can use any compensation awarded to cover the expenses related to the accident.

Source: FindLaw, "Scaffold Injuries," accessed June 09, 2016

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