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Bedsores can occur after a catastrophic injury

When you suffer from a catastrophic injury like a spinal cord injury or brain injury, movement difficulties like paraylsis might occur. Movement difficulties can lead to secondary injures, such as pressure sores. Pressure sores, which are sometimes known as bedsores, can sometimes require medical care.

A bedsore occurs when pressure is applied to an area of skin for a prolonged period of time. This condition is most often associated with areas of the skin that are over bony spots. The tailbone area is one common area where a pressure sore might occur.

Bedsores are staged according to how much tissue is affected by the sore. If the skin isn't broken but the area shows signs of a pressure sore developing, it is a stage I pressure sore. As the sore begins to affect deeper tissues, the stage increases. Stage IV bedsores show large scale tissue loss.

Changing positions often can help to prevent and treat pressure sores unless the pressure sore is in an advanced stage. If a pressure sore is just starting to develop, changing positions might prevent the sore. In that case, improvement could be noticed in 24 to 48 hours. Of course, if you are paralyzed or unable to move, changing positions will require assistance.

More advanced pressure sores might require medical intervention. Antibiotics, surgery and other treatments are often necessary. If you suffered from a catastrophic injury, being prepared to deal with secondary injuries is necessary. Because this medical care comes at a cost, it might behoove you to explore your right to seek compensation for the injury. This can be done by filing a civil lawsuit that names the liable party or parties as defendants.

Source: Mayo Clinic, "Bedsores (pressure sores)," accessed July 08, 2016

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