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What are brain injury causes, symptoms and diagnostic tools?

If you suffered a hit to the head, you might be concerned that you have a brain injury. But, a hit to the head isn't the only event that can lead to a brain injury. Knowing some of the common causes, symptoms and ways to diagnose brain injuries might help you if you think you have suffered one.

What types of events can lead to brain injuries?

Hits to the head, such as being struck by a baseball or hitting your head in a car accident, can lead to brain injuries. Your head being jostled around in a way that makes your brain hit the skull can also cause a brain injury. Car accidents or slip-and-fall accidents in which your head is flung about are some examples of this. Something penetrating your skull can also lead to a brain injury if the brain is struck by the object. Being shot in the head is an example of a penetrating brain injury.

When do symptoms show up and what are those symptoms?

Brain injury symptoms can show up immediately after the accident or they can show up over time. A headache, slurred speech, nausea, vomiting and losing consciousness are some of the signs of a brain injury that you need to watch for if you suffered an event associated with a brain injury.

How are brain injuries diagnosed?

Most cases will involve some sort of imaging test, such as a CT scan or MRI. The Glasgow coma scale is another popular tool that is used by doctors to gauge the severity of the brain injury. Your medical history and the history of the accident will also be crucial when doctors are trying to determine if you have a brain injury.

If you suffered a brain injury that is attributed to another person's negligent actions, you might decide that you need to recoup some of the financial losses you have because of the injury. Seeking compensation is one option that you have to do this.

Source: FindLaw, "Brain Injury Symptoms and Diagnosis," accessed Sep. 16, 2016

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