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October 2016 Archives

Are construction accidents on the rise in New York City?

Readers may recall that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a construction safety plan eight months after a February 2016 crane collapse killed one pedestrian and injured three others. The plan highlighted several areas for safety improvements, including new crane restrictions during windy conditions and increased measures to protect the safety of pedestrians near crane sites.

Rear-end bus collision raises questions involving driver's negligence

Mass transit serves an important purpose in crowded municipal centers like New York City. From a policy perspective, public transportation offers both efficiency and safety. Fuel resources are allocated among dozens of riders, rather than individuals. Mass transit operators are also often subject to additional safety requirements, such as employer-provided training, municipal and/or state regulations, and licensing.

Friendly tips to keep kids safe this Halloween

Halloween is practically here. The leaves are turning and everyone is starting to feel celebratory. It has the potential to be the most fun night of the year for kids, but with great fun can come great calamity. It is unfortunate, but accidents have become a big part of Halloween; it has become the most dangerous evening for children involved in pedestrian accidents in the United States, according to the CDC. Consider a few friendly tips to make the night a little safer without sacrificing any of the festivities.

Federal data indicates traffic fatalities to be on the rise

Federal officials recently announced an ambitious safety goal: achieving no traffic fatalities in the next 30 years. The goal coincides with a U.S. Transportation Department implementation plan targeting safety areas such as seat belt use; rumble strips, and campaigns against distracted or drunk driving. DOT officials have committed $3 million to the safety goal.

Properly installed child safety seats can save lives in crashes

Think about how hard it is to be involved in a car accident. Even if the accident wasn't that bad, you are probably feeling shaken up. Now, imagine that the accident led to the death of a child. That shaken up feeling has probably been replaced with utter grief. Sadly, many families have to death with the death of a child because of car accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that car accidents are a leading cause of childhood death.

Catastrophic injuries can lead to claims for compensation

Catastrophic injuries can impact your entire life for a long time. In some cases, the effects of these accidents will plague you until the day you pass away. When your catastrophic injury is caused by an accident, you might opt to seek compensation for those effects. We know that you might have questions about how these cases are handled. We are here to help you learn all you need to know about the case you have and how it can be handled.

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