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Is New York City's Vision Zero plan increasing safety?

The Vision Zero Action Plan currently being used by New York City is designed to reduce traffic accidents and their resulting fatalities. It indicates that the City has a strong commitment to safety, and to the drivers, pedestrians and cyclists that all use the roadways and must interact with one another. The initiative has been ongoing for the last three years, and statistics show that traffic deaths have come down since its implementation. However, the concerns over how fast fatalities are being reduced and whether the plan has been successful in other areas shows that there is more work to be done.

Safety council says American's roads are becoming deadlier

According to the National Safety Council, America’s roads and highways are becoming more dangerous. In 2016, the cost of traffic injuries, property damage and fatalities increased by 12 percent from 2015. Unfortunately, the NSC does not characterize this increase as an isolated incident, but believes it to be part of a larger trend that began in 2007.

Tips to stay safe during Thanksgiving travel

While there are several laws on the books to help encourage safe driving and prevent accidents, there are still many people who are getting into serious motor vehicle accidents and suffering because of them. In New York City alone, the year 2014 brought over 66,000 motor vehicle crashes. More than 45,000 were injured in these crashes, and 239 people were killed. There are various contributing factors to crashes, such as the use of alcohol, distracted driving, fatigued driving, driving in the dark and weather related issues. One of the times when all of these factors may be at play is during the holidays, which starts with Thanksgiving.

Friendly tips to keep kids safe this Halloween

Halloween is practically here. The leaves are turning and everyone is starting to feel celebratory. It has the potential to be the most fun night of the year for kids, but with great fun can come great calamity. It is unfortunate, but accidents have become a big part of Halloween; it has become the most dangerous evening for children involved in pedestrian accidents in the United States, according to the CDC. Consider a few friendly tips to make the night a little safer without sacrificing any of the festivities.

Properly installed child safety seats can save lives in crashes

Think about how hard it is to be involved in a car accident. Even if the accident wasn't that bad, you are probably feeling shaken up. Now, imagine that the accident led to the death of a child. That shaken up feeling has probably been replaced with utter grief. Sadly, many families have to death with the death of a child because of car accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that car accidents are a leading cause of childhood death.

Back to school safety tips for drivers

As the new school year commences, so do some unique driving challenges. Children might be crossing streets, school buses might be stopping unexpectedly and other drivers might be pulled over to pick up kids from school. To keep everyone safe, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind next time you hit the road.

Top 5 causes of motorcycle crashes in New York

A motorcycle can be a great way to get around the city. Gas is less expensive, traffic is more manageable and finding a parking spot is easier than in a car. In respect to that, it is important to focus on safety when riding. Here are the five most common causes of motorcycle collisions in the city and how to avoid them.

Putting together the points of your personal injury case

Our blog post last week discussed what information we can pull from a police report that might be helpful in a claim for compensation after a car accident. That is only one place where we can get information from when you opt to file a claim. The key point that you must remember if you decide to pursue this legal right is that prompt action is often the best option.

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