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Ankle Fracture in a Slip and Fall in Staten Island

9.2.2022 Brian O'Connor Category: Personal Injury

Understanding Each Type of Ankle Fracture in a Slip and Fall in Staten Island From Our Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer in BrooklynFalls are one of the leading causes of accidental injuries in the United States.  There are over 8 million hospital emergency department visits each year in the US, with roughly 12% of those cases being from a slip and fall.  According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly one in five visits to an emergency department are for a broken bone or head injury caused in a fall.  Although there are many different types of personal injuries that could be caused in a fall, our personal injury lawyer knows that an ankle fracture in a slip and fall in Staten Island is one of the most painful types.

If you or a loved one suffered any type of serious or catastrophic personal injuries in a slip and fall accident in Staten Island, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, or anywhere else in New York City or Long Island, please call the O’Connor Law Firm for help.  We offer FREE consultations to review what caused your fall, who may be potentially liable, and what damages you may be able to recover in a settlement or lawsuit.  To learn more about your legal rights in New York, call our slip and fall lawyer in Staten Island for help.

Why are Ankle Fractures Common in Falls?

Ankle fractures are one of the most common types of injuries in a fall for many reasons.  Naturally, any type of slip, slid, twist, shift, impact, or another type of awkward movement to the answer can result in damage to the bones, ligaments, tendons, and other structures in this joint which is supporting the entire weight of your body.  Although this joint is particularly strong and designed to do this, certain movements or actions can shift all of that weight from a position that could support it, to a vulnerable part of your ankle.

Identifying Each Type of Ankle Fracture in a Slip and Fall in Staten Island

Not all ankle fractures are the same, and some may require immediate surgery, painful hardware, and a boot/cast for many months.  Whereas other ankle fractures may require just a cast or there may be minimal things that could be done (i.e., hairline).  The type of treatment all depends on the type of fracture and how severe it is.

Some of the most common types of ankle fractures in a slip and fall in Staten Island include the following:

  • Fibula only fractures – when the boney protrusion on the outside of your ankle fractures, this is a fibula only (or fib) fracture. This can happen when you twist your ankle or hit the outside of your ankle in a hard fall.
  • Bimalleolar ankle fracture – this is a very common and painful type of ankle fracture where the fibula (outside of ankle) and tibia (shin bone or center bone) both fracture. This type of break can be caused by a fall down stairs, a hard slip and fall on a slippery surface, or by a twist or trip that causes the entire ankle to shift or pull.  Sometimes a bimalleolar ankle fracture will require painful hardware to be surgically implanted to keep the broken bones in place while they heal.
  • Trimalleolar fracture – this is the most severe type of ankle fracture and requires surgery, physical therapy, and often results in a permanent injury or disability. A trimalleolar fracture occurs when the fibula is broken, the inner part of the tibia is broken, and the back part of the tibia is broken.  Most commonly there are also tendon or ligament injuries.  This type of fracture is incredibly painful and usually is caused by hard falls down stairs, motor vehicle accidents, or other types of falls where a person hits the ground very hard.

Did You Suffer a Broken Angle in a Fall?  Call Our Slip and Fall Lawyer in Staten Island for Help

If you have any type of ankle fracture in a slip and fall in Staten Island, please call the O’Connor Law Firm to speak with our experienced slip and fall lawyer to learn more about your rights to compensation under New York law.  We handle cases in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Long Island, and in surrounding areas.  We can help you and your family recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and conscious pain and suffering after a slip and fall in Staten Island or New York City.  Call to schedule your FREE consultation and case evaluation by dialing (718) 948-3500 or using our “Contact Us” box available here.