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Power Tool Construction Accidents in Brooklyn

Category: Construction Accidents

Personal Injuries from Power Tool Construction Accidents in Brooklyn Could Result in Disabling and Permanent Damage

There are many ways that a construction worker could be injured on a job site.  Although most people first think of some of the most common causes like falls, being hit by an object, caught in-betweens, and electrocutions (known as the “fatal four”), power tool construction accidents in Brooklyn, New York can result in some catastrophic and fatal injuries.  This is a risk that construction workers face nearly every day on a job site – whether or not they are the ones using the power tool.  If you or a loved one were seriously injured in any type of worksite or construction job in Brooklyn, call our construction accident lawyer to schedule a free consultation.

Here at the O’Connor Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping catastrophic injury victims recover the compensation that they need for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, loss of consortium, and other damages.  These losses are particularly magnified in construction accidents, where victims often suffer permanent and disabling injuries.  Sometimes these injuries can lead to the death of an innocent person, placing a significant hardship on an entire family.  If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a construction accident, or if you lost a loved one in a construction mishap, please call to schedule a FREE consultation with our experienced construction accident lawyer in Brooklyn.

Types of Power Tool Accidents

There are many possible types of construction tool accidents that could be caused at a New York jobsite.  Although the nature of the work performed can increase or decrease the amount of risk, all tasks in construction are risky.

Some of the most common types of power tool construction accidents in Brooklyn include the following:


Personal Injury Lawyer in BrooklynAny time a handheld, table, chop, miter, or any other type of saw is used, there is the potential for serious personal injuries.  Workers could be injured by the saw’s blade itself, resulting in amputations or deep lacerations.  But workers could also be injured by blades that are not properly attached and fly off. 

Individuals could also be injured by kickback when striking a hidden object in something they are cutting – such as a big nail, screw, or other metal fastener.  As a result, victims can also be injured by a saw from particles that fly up and strike them in the face or eye.  These types of eye injuries are very common and can result in serious damage including partial or total blindness.

Nail Guns or Fastening Tools

 It goes without saying that nail guns are dangerous tools.  Not only can be they dangerous to the user, but also to other workers who are nearby.  Nail guns need to be properly used by a worker, but a worker must also use the proper nail guns.  There are all different types of powerful nails and nail guns that are used for different tasks.  If a worker is using a nail gun designed to affix framing to a concrete wall or flooring on a roof, that projectile will most likely go straight through the roof and into anyone standing below.

Other fastening tools can also be dangerous, including riveters, staplers, and other tools that could cause piercing injuries.  Improperly used nail guns and fastening tools can cause catastrophic damage to one’s eyes, nerves, or, if struck in the head, even brain damage.

Jackhammers and Demolition Tools

Power tools such as jackhammers are very dangerous and powerful.  Not only can they cause catastrophic injury including broken bones and organ injuries, but they are also very heavy and can cause crushing injuries if they fall on another worker. 

Although most people may think this could only result in a broken foot, when jackhammers and other demolition tools are used in large commercial construction shapes on upper floors, they can cause horrific injuries or wrongful death if they fall down several flights – a common danger when making elevator shafts.

Trenching Tools and Digging Machines

Very large power tools including trenching tools like a ditch witch, a large motor-driven tool that is used to dig into the soil to place pipes or electrical lines.  This tool is very large and very heavy and looks almost like an inverted chainsaw.  As a result, it can result in significant injury if a hand or foot is caught in it.  These injuries can be life-threatening and result in amputations.

Other digging machines and material transporting machines include thinks like a mini-skidder, dingo, or other small tracked machine.  These machines are meant to help move soil or crusher, scrape, dig, level, or otherwise do what a normal worker cannot easily do with a soil.  They are very powerful and cause result in catastrophic injuries such as life-threatening crushing injuries.  They can also topple over when used improperly on soft or uneven surfaces.

Were You Injured in a Power Tool Construction Accident in Brooklyn?  We Can Help

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a power tool accident occurring in Brooklyn, call our experienced construction accident lawyer at the O’Connor Law Firm.  We offer FREE consultations and can evaluate your case during a no-cost, no risk appointment.  If you hire our law firm and if we accept your case, there is no upfront cost or financial risk to work with our bodily injury law firm.  That is because we only get paid after you get paid in a settlement, verdict, or another type of recovery.  And we only get paid a percentage of what we recover for you, meaning you will not pay out-of-pocket for our legal fees.

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