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Total Knee Replacement After a Motorcycle Accident in Staten Island

5.5.2023 Brian O'Connor Category: Personal Injury

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Catastrophic and Disabling Injuries After a Crash: Understanding Your Right to Compensation From a Total Knee Replacement After a Motorcycle Accident in Staten Island

Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately fairly common and often lead to serious injuries given that motorcyclists have little protection when they strike another vehicle or are thrown to the pavement There are many different types of injuries that can occur, with some being more serious than others. Many of these injuries require surgery to repair the damage done by a negligent motorist. Of these injuries, knee injuries are unfortunately fairly common as a result of motorcycle accidents and often require surgery for these injuries. When a knee has been irreparably damaged in a crash, victims may need a total knee replacement after a motorcycle accident in Staten Island. If that happened to you or a loved one, call our experienced motorcycle accident lawyer for help.

Here at the O’Connor Law Firm, we understand that knee replacements are commonly required for victims who suffer injuries in motorcycle accidents. Although this extreme injury can be common, knee replacements are considered major surgery and can lead to serious complications if performed improperly. Experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Staten Island understand the repercussions of knee surgeries on a victim and his or her family. This includes individuals who have permanent range of motion, weight lifting, movement, weakness, and other difficulties from their total knee replacement after a motorcycle accident in Staten Island. If you or a loved one suffered this type of serious and disabling injury, call our bodily injury law firm to schedule a FREE consultation.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgeries

Generally, there are two different types of knee replacements that a motorcycle accident victim may require depending on the extent of the injury. The most common types of knee replacements include the following:

Partial – Partial knee replacements may be indicated for victims who only have damage to one part of the knee. This procedure involves only one compartment of the knee (lateral or medial) are replaced with an artificial part.

Total – Total knee replacements are indicated if the victim has damage to more than one area of the knee. This procedure involves complete replacement of the entire joint and replaces it with an artificial knee joint. Total knee replacements are more significant because they repair a portion of the knee above and below it.

Total Knee Replacement After a Motorcycle Accident in Staten Island

Although there are two types of knee replacements, a total knee replacement is more common – especially in a catastrophic motorcycle accident. Also known as a TKR, a total knee replacement surgery is a medical procedure that involves the complete removal and replacement of a patient’s damaged knee joint with an artificial joint made of metal and plastic components. During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision in the knee area and carefully removes the damaged portions of the joint, including the cartilage and bone above and below the joint. The artificial joint is then implanted into the bones above and below the joint, with the metal components secured to the remaining bone and the plastic components acting as the joint’s new cartilage.

While total knee replacement surgery can provide significant relief and improved mobility for patients, it is not without risks. These risks may include infection, blood clots, nerve damage, and implant failure, among others. Patients who undergo a knee replacement often need a revision or replacement every 10-20 years, with most being able to obtain a new one in 15-20 years. Some patients may have their knee replacement rejected by their body, either due to a defect in the joint or due to other factors related to the person’s body.

Even victims who have a successful knee replacement may have restrictions by their doctors. This includes the amount of weight they can carry, push/pull restrictions, exercise limits, range of motion restrictions, and other types of safeguards to prevent damage to the implant or their healthy bone structures.

Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents That May Require Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee injuries are fairly common as a result of a motorcycle accident. While not all knee injuries require a knee replacement surgery, many do when there is extensive damage to the bones above and below the knee. Some of the most common injuries from a motorcycle accident that, if severe enough, could require a total or partial knee replacement include the following:

  • Knee sprain injuries which leads to further deterioration of the knee requiring a knee replacement surgery, including those causing arthritic changes in the knee
  • Ligament injuries including ACL, PCL, MCL, or LCL injuries
  • Knee dislocation injuries or knee separation injuries
  • Leg fracture injuries above or below the knee
  • Crushing injuries
  • Severe fractures, including compound fractures
  • High-impact collision damage or trauma
  • Muscle tearing or tendon injuries above or below the knee causing extreme instability, and
  • Other knee injuries that our motorcycle accident lawyer in Staten Island can recover compensation for you in a lawsuit.

Damages After a Knee Replacement Surgery

While most victims are able to have a knee replacement with adequate relief of many or all of their symptoms, there are times when the procedure is performed incorrectly, leading to patient harm. There are certain signs that you may have been a victim of medical negligence and should pursue legal counsel, including the following:

  • Anesthesia complications caused by an overdose, underdone, or administration of a medication you were known to be allergic to
  • Significant bleeding complications that do not align with the risks that were discussed with you prior to the procedure
  • Damage to arteries or nerves
  • Chronic pain and immobility caused by the procedure
  • Defective or poorly fitting prosthetic joint
  • Infection
  • Need for additional procedures due to a failed knee replacement
  • Wrongful death, and
  • Other damages caused by a motorcycle crash or subsequent surgery due to those injuries.

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Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Staten Island at the O’Connor Law Firm can help victims and their families recover compensation after a total knee replacement from a motorcycle accident. We handle cases throughout New York City and Long Island, particularly Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and in surrounding areas. There is no cost to have your case and claim evaluated by our experienced team. To learn more about your rights to compensation, contact our experienced personal injury law firm today by dialing (718) 948-3500 or by sending us an email through our “Contact Us” box available here