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Get This FREE Book Before Calling A Lawyer Or Speaking To The Insurance Company!

  • The Legal Process for Construction Accident Cases
  • The Limitations of Workers Compensation and the Benefits of a Third-Party Lawsuit
  • Avoid the 7 Mistakes That Can Wreck your Construction Accident Case
  • Determining the Value of a Construction Accident Case
  • How to Choose the Right Attorney For Your Construction Accident Case

Get This FREE Book Before Calling A Lawyer Or Speaking To The Insurance Company!

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If you were injured in a construction accident, it can be overwhelming.  On top of the physical pain, there may be stress and anxiety in not knowing whether you will return to work or how you will support your family.  My hope is that in reading this book, you will be spared some of the stress this uncertainty has caused.  I want to empower you with information so that you know what mistakes to avoid and what steps to take to help your case.

The NYC Construction Accident & Injury Book will arm you with knowledge about construction accidents, the legal process and answer your most pressing questions:

  • Who is Responsible for My Construction Accident Injuries
  • How Contractors and Owners Try to Blame the Worker for Their Own Injuries
  • What is New York Labor Law 200, 240(1), 241(6) and the Industrial Code
  • Can I Get Workers Compensation Benefits and also Bring a Personal Injury Lawsuit
  • What is My Case Worth and How Long Will My Case Take
  • Can I Still Sue if I Was Partially At Fault for My Construction Accident Injuries
  • How to Find the Right Attorney for your Construction Accident Case

*IMPORTANT: This book covers New York legal concepts only. If you had a construction accident in another state, please give us a call to see if we can help you.

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