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Get This FREE NYC Teacher Injury Guide to learn about the LODI Process and whether you may have a personal injury claim

  • A Complete Blueprint of the Line of Duty Process
  • Your Responsibilities as an Injured DOE Employee
  • Criteria for Determination of Line of Duty Injury Status
  • Reimbursement for Medical Expenses
  • When your Line of Duty Injury Application has been Medically Denied
  • Does your LODI accident qualify you to bring a personal injury claim?
  • Get Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

Request Your Free NYC Teacher Injury Guide Today!

If you’ve been injured while working as a NYC Department of Education teacher or other covered employee, you may be unsure of the Line of Duty (LODI) process or whether your accident qualifies you to bring a personal injury claim for damages not covered under LODI.  This .pdf will provide you with a complete guide of the LODI process and help you determine whether you have a personal injury claim.

We wrote this guide because we are committed to educating injured New Yorkers about their journey ahead. Please take a few moments to fill out the brief form and request your free copy today.

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