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Burn Injury Lawyer in New York

Helping New York City Burn Injury Victims

According to the World Health Organization, burn injuries kill at least 180,000 people annually. Although most of these burns occur at home, a more significant percentage of the burn accidents are work-related. Despite the U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s safety standards and regulations, many workplaces still expose employees to many unnecessary burn injury threats.

The O’Connor Law Firm possesses an in-depth understanding of burn injuries and the legal and medical aspects of burn injury cases. Burns are the worst forms of injuries you can suffer that often have an adverse effect on your life. The injuries are not only very costly to treat but cause scarring and emotional trauma as well. We also understand the impact that the injuries will have on your productivity and the frustrations that come with being out of work for extended periods.
The O’Connor Law Firm is here to help you. If you or your loved one is nursing burn injuries due to another person’s negligence, we will seek full compensation for the pain, suffering, and harm you have gone through.

Types of Burn Injuries

Not all burns are the same. Burn injuries are classified depending on the severity of tissue damage and the extent to which the burns cover your body. Burn injuries typically stem from the following sources: thermal heat, chemicals, electricity, flash burns, and inhalation.

  • Thermal burns– thermal burns are widespread. They are caused by contact with heated items like metals, scalding liquids, steam, or flames. Typical heat that causes the burns can be from hot water, furnaces, or exposed flames. These burns are common in the foodservice industry and industrial plants.
  • Chemical burns– chemical burns occur when the skin comes in contact with a toxic substance such as an abrasive cleaning product. If your eyes or skin come into contact with corrosive substances such as acids or alkaloids, burns can happen. Most chemical burns occur from exposure to industrial cleaners and chemicals.
  • Flash burns– flash burns occur when you are exposed to an explosion. The closer you are to the epicenter of the explosion, the more severe the burns.
  • Electrical burns– according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, there were 160 electrical fatalities in 2018, representing an 18% increase over the previous year and the highest number of fatalities since 2011. Electrical burns are typical in businesses and companies that utilize electricity, including the manufacturing and construction sectors.
  • Inhalation injury– occurs when you breathe in toxic fumes or smoke. Inhalation injuries may result in carbon monoxide poisoning, difficulty breathing, and swelling in the upper airway.

The 4 Degrees of Burn Injuries

First-degree burns

These burns affect the epidermis or the outer skin layer. Although you may experience some pain, the burns leave no scarring. Antibiotic ointments can effectively treat these injuries.


  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • White/blanched skin

Second-degree burns

Second-degree burns affect the second layer (dermis) of the skin tissue. These burns, which are often caused by hot liquids, fire, heated metals, and scalding liquids, may also result in minor nerve damage. If the second-degree burns are not treated in time, it results in swellings, limited blood flow, and eventually degenerates to third-degree burns.]


  • Blistering
  • Intense redness
  • Severe pain
  • Splotchy appearance
  • Swelling

Third-degree burns

Third-degree burns affect the layer of fats beneath the skin and destroy critical nerves. Third-degree burn victims experience numbness with their skin turning black, brown, or white. Treatments involve several skin graft procedures to repair the damage and correct the charred and leathery look.


  • Charring
  • Stiff or waxy appearance
  • Leathery or tan appearance
  • Numbness

Fourth-degree burns

Fourth-degree burns cause damage that extends into muscles, fats, and bone. The burns occur due to prolonged time in the flames, like in the case of a building fire that exposes the victim to too much smoke and heat.


  • Charring
  • Stiff or waxy appearance
  • Leathery or tan appearance
  • Numbness

Causes of Burn Injuries

Some of the common causes of burn injuries include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents– careless drivers cause car accidents that result in explosions or fires. These fires result in varying degrees of burns on the victim’s body. You may also encounter friction burns if parts of your body come into contact with the pavement.
  • Construction accidents- if you work in construction sites, you are often exposed to the risk of burns from fires, sparks emitted by tools, electrical contact burns, and burns from hazardous chemicals.
  • Workplace accidents- workers from other industries face burn risks too. A typical example is the food service industry, where workers are exposed to risks of burns from hot liquids, flames, grease, and radiation.
  • Defective products- exposure to defective products and their parts such as cords and wires can cause electrical burns. Besides, parts that can overhead rapidly often cause thermal burns. In the past few years, there has been an increase in burns caused by explosions involving defective grills and propane tanks.

How a Burn Injury Lawyer Can Help

Burn Injury Lawyer in New York

After you have suffered burn injuries, the last thing you want to do is deal with insurance companies. We will handle your burn injury case as you focus on getting better. Our team will investigate your case to identify the causes of the burn injuries and the responsible party who should be held legally accountable for your damages. We will also handle all the complex aspects of the case, identify all possible avenues for your compensation, and help you receive compensation within the shortest time possible.

Type of Damages/Compensation That May Be Available

Damages or compensation options that may be available to you after a successful lawsuit following a burn injury include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of consortium
  • Future medical expenses
  • Other economic losses

The O’Connor Law Firm: We Will Be There, All The Way

Our burn injury lawyer understands the implications and treatment costs of a burn injury. If you or a loved one is a victim of a burn injury due to negligence, you may be entitled to burn lawsuit compensation. We leverage our extensive resources and expertise to advocate for our clients to ensure they receive the maximum compensation possible. We will do all the heavy work on your behalf so that you focus on rest and recovery. Contact us today for more information about our legal services. Call us at 212-566-4868 or 718-948-3500.

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