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What Should I Do Immediately After A Bicycle Accident?

Unfortunately, despite taking precautions, sometimes bicycle accidents happen. When you are involved in a bicycle accident it is important that you avoid making some common mistakes that can damage your case.

First, you should call for medical help immediately. Oftentimes, after a bicycle accident, your adrenaline is high and this can cloud your memory and mask injuries. Seeking immediate medical help also assists in documenting the accident and your injuries. Also, call the police and make a police report.

Second you should obtain information from the vehicle driver, including insurance information. Do not discuss the facts of the accident with the driver. You should speak to the police and make sure they have your statement of the facts.

Try to take photos of the accident scene as well as photos of the damage of your bicycle and the vehicle involved in the accident. While the vehicle may not look damaged, your bicycle may show significant damage.

Try to get names of witnesses so that your attorney can later obtain statements from them.

Lastly, contact an experienced bicycle accident attorney in New York so that your rights are protected as soon as possible.