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Can I Sue Someone If I Slipped On Snow And Ice?

In New York City, winter time can cause the sidewalks and roadways to become treacherous with snow and ice. The law requires that property owners maintain their property in reasonably safe condition.

However, to hold a property owner responsible for a dangerous condition, such as snow and ice, the owner must have had actual or constructive notice of the dangerous condition and a reasonable period of time to remove or remedy that condition in order to hold them responsible.

For instance, if there is an ongoing snow storm and you slip and fall while walking on the sidewalk, the property owner will not be held responsible because the storm is still in progress and the owner has not had a reasonable period of time to remove the dangerous condition since it is actively snowing. However, if it last snowed 2 days prior to your accident then the property owner is more likely to be charged with prior notice of the dangerous condition.